My Story

At 45 nearing 20 years of a happily married life through constant mindfulness to work on it and be a proactive wife and mum, I had set what made me tick aside for too long causing a sense of stagnancy in my life.

Yes we are all juggling with balance and it's challenging to get it right, weighing out personal growth as well as being an interactive spouse/partner and parent.

I am sure you can relate to this on some level even if it is just individual.


For me, I let go of my ambition which always leaned towards people orientated work and it started to affect the way I felt about myself and ultimately my personal relationships so I finally took charge and when I did, I came across this NLP course.


I created my first positive opportunity for myself!


This was an eye opener and game changer for me and my wise coach told me that this is a natural extension of myself and here I am now exactly where I should be, at an age and stage in my life ready to relate and share what I was meant to do and guide you to make these significant changes that I did.


I have shared a video briefly explaining NLP coaching


If you are still reading, it makes me so happy that I have sparked interest and curiosity...

The journey

It's normal and okay to feel overwhelmed and not always have all the answers..


You may be tired of....

Asking for advise from family and friends and not really seeing significant results

Reading countless self - help books with no solid solutions

Not getting the correct professional guidance

Wanting to...

Come out from behind shadows of self - doubt or

low self - esteem

Reboot your relationships and improve communication and understanding

Live life on your own terms.

Have your own identity without depending on others approval or validation

You can book a no obligation complimentary consultation to get an insight.

It takes courage and honesty though once you take this step, it is only upwards from here.

Don't limit yourself.

Live the life that you truly want to and deserve.

This is why I am here to guide you.