Emotional Intelligence

When was the last time with honesty you asked yourself if you are truly happy?

Needed convincing or were you not quite sure what does..

The start of a new year always prompts us to reflect and embrace new strengths, opportunities and possibilities but shouldn't vanish past January and rather should become a lifestyle change.

So let's focus on this.

How would you define emotional intelligence?

Being mindful on how you react to negativity

Not over working your mind on the small stuff

Prioritizing your thoughts to be more constructive and consistent


Working on your mental mindset first before criticizing others

Embracing the small joys


It all comes down to your circumstance

Some of you have had a smooth trouble free life while others have had to learn some unfair hard lessons so will depend how long it will take you to change this but the bottom line is that

It is possible

It is how you chose to react to your situations that will change your direction

Want to dig the hole deeper or want to find a way out

Open new doors and shut the ones that hinder your happiness

This is when emotional intelligence comes into play

Yes people influence your life but the choice is always yours on how you react

It takes training the mind to ensure goes towards a more positive progressive direction

Once you tune in to this, it is truly liberating and you do feel

lighter, freer, happier and in more control of your life

This is when you start attracting the positive into your life

Try it..

There is far more to gain than lose and it is a matter of opening this door of self honesty to realize and fulfill it

I will be waiting for you to guide you through this and promise you will eventually stop looking back and focus on moving forward.

Isn't this an intelligent thought that is worth pursuing.

" Happiness is not a state to arrive at but rather a manner of travelling "

With Warmth & Guidance,