Personal Affirmations

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How would you define this to fit your emotions and feelings?

There are lots of insightful affirmations out there but we all should ideally create our own to allow us to resonate with them on a personal level and heighten the effectiveness of it in our lives


Hope so.. which now comes to my question of how many affirmations do we need?

Let's start with one then add every month if feel the need to reaffirm unless the one has become your mantra

You need to BELIEVE in them and repeat them often enough so that they make a place into your subconscious mind that it almost becomes a reflex action

It can be your wake up alarm

Your sleeping lullaby

Your meditation ritual

Your gym motivator

Your aggression tamer

Your tear stopper

Your verbal pacifier

Now, I would like to share my personal affirmation

I am the creator of my own barriers so only I can break them down and free myself

The beauty and power of affirmations is that they tap into our sub conscious thinking to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves and open up the possibilities of changing the negative and hindering aspects in our lives such as fear, anger, guilt, powerlessness and enforce a willingness and strength to make this happen.

A mouthful :) so read this a couple of times and try it.

No harm, only harmony!

Let's hit two birds with one stone and relate one to marriage now....

I can only help my marriage if I first confront my faults honestly before I expect my spouse to change.

I know exactly what you are thinking! Why me first?

Well the best result would be to do it together.

Make it a joint constructive weekly exercise by writing a 'To do Self - Change list.

A tip. When making this list think of all aspects in your life, work/domestic/social/health environments as they are all interlinked more than you may realize though don't make it too long either.

Jot all that come to mind then try and reduce to just 5 or 6.

During the week, note down the positive changes you have seen in yourselves against your list and share your thoughts with each other and what you felt the most significant changes were for yourself.

Try and chose the same day and time weekly to share.

Do this for a fortnight and count on it that your perception has positively shifted.

Give yourself and one another a well deserved pat on the back;)

Now exchange your lists and ask your spouse to comment on it and if feels needs to add or eliminate any.

You need to keep an open mind about this and don't feel judged or upset and remember not to go into defensive mode;)

Just keep your affirmation your target.

Jot down changes in your spouses behavior against this list.

After a fortnight, you will share your observations and tell each other what the most significant changes you felt were about each other and then what they still can improve on.

Note changes in other peoples reactions too as this is a great reflection of progress if they haven't already told you.

After this mission is complete, HUG and REWARD it is a big accomplishment!

Maybe a long overdue weekend away or if not possible, a romantic dinner or a hike in the forest but something you can enjoy together rather than gift exchange.

With certainty, this will automatically reconnect you emotionally and intimately and enrich yourself and your relationship.

I hope I have convinced you to give this a shot?

Truly hope you do but please put your egos and insecurities aside for this to have a positive effective outcome and to give yourself and each other the reassurance that this is a valuable entrusted rewarding solo and partnership exercise.

I am talking from first hand experience as got to practice what you preach right.

So Go for it and relish the rewards:))

Thank you for reading.

Would really love to hear back from you , share if feel will make a difference and please like if felt it.

With Warmth & Guidance,