Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Not like in school where there is just a right or wrong, so don't get weary but rather curious:)

This one allows room for thought, self discovery and creating new opportunities in both your personal and married lives

Sounds like a deal?

Hope a Yes, so get your pen and paper ready and let's get started....

Please write down the option that comes first to mind and not the one that you feel comfortable with, and don't change it either as this will be the most honest and accurate answer.

If you can't zone in, don't worry just simply try when do.

1 - Mostly ; 2 - Occasionally ; 3 - Rarely ; 4 - Never

  1. How often do you feel your life is fulfilling

  2. Do you wake up in the morning feeling good/energized to take on the day

  3. Do you go to sleep with a silent peaceful mind or an overwhelmed mind

  4. Do you struggle to listen or focus on the work or social front

  5. Do you do things you love in work/social/leisure

  6. Do you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else with someone else

Please don't judge your answers.

This exercise is allowing yourself to question what we take for granted or rather ignore

If got all 1s - Wow you live in a perfect bubble!

If mostly 2s - Congrats you have realized there is room to improve your life

If mostly 3/4s - Wake up Call

Let's now narrow down these open questions and ask more specific ones related to each in order.

  1. How do you define fulfillment ?

Write down your level of priority against each that gives you a sense of fulfillment

1 - Completely ; 2- Adequate ; 3 - A little ; 4 - None

a. Love, Respect & Honesty

b. Communication & Connection

c. Wealth & Career

d. Health & Leisure

e. Anything else ?

2/3/4. Do you feel stressed/fatigued, physically & emotionally because

a. You are an over thinker

b. Cannot manage your time effectively

c. Struggle with getting through your day positively

d. All of the above

5/6. Are you really living the life you want surrounded by the people/things who compliment or comfort it?


How are you feeling after this exercise.

Hoping more in tune with your needs and wants.

Remember this is constructive not destructive feedback even though it may not feel this initially.

It asks you why compromise when you can control and take charge of it

Rule out the excuses and regrets before irreversible - don't you feel you deserve this?

Yep who says it's easy but can start somewhere right

Baby steps!

This is where I come in to guide anchor and empower you to take on these challenges so give yourself this opportunity.

" The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain " - Dolly Parton

With Warmth & Guidance,