There is no failure, only feedback!

Hello lovely people...hope you are doing well

I thought it is time to share an NLP technique with you so that it familiarizes you with a better understanding of what it entails and what to expect.

The NLP Coach Model is one of my favorite techniques and allows me to get a broader spectrum of your challenge so that I can progress to a more personal technique once we have established a deeper understanding of the hindering feeling/emotion.

Remember the nature of this coaching is a partnership.

I will guide you to help you get some clarity enabling us to then find a solution together that works for you.

Okay let's get started!

You will first open up about your present situation, talk about your hindering feelings/ emotions.

Once share this, we move to your desired situation.

We will use your senses to feel and visualize you attaining this desired goal - personal and/or marital.

Then I will ask you to internalize and think about what your obstacles are to achieving this desired goal.

I will guide you to anchor to a time when you felt these desired emotions to help you reconnect and revive it.

With this positive feel good vibe flowing, you will share what sources of help you need to recognize or introduce in your life to attain this desired goal.

During this whole process, I will repeat your words to create a rapport as listening to your own words helps you mirror your thoughts more constructively.

Once gone through this process at your comfort and pace, you will then focus back on your desired goal and share how you now feel about it.

You should feel a lot more surety and confidence to achieve this.

Future pacing is very effective so we will end by asking you to paint a picture in your mind of you having attained this desired goal.

Believe me, it will feel so right, and you will be telling yourself why did I wait this long.

Sounds like a win- win situation right!

I hope I have managed to shift your thinking and ringing in your mind is - why wait any longer, move forward and own it!

Un-restrict yourself and break down these self - created barriers.

With Warmth & Guidance,